Policy = Action

Turning Point Policy was born out of a desire to see implementation be the center of attention of health policy engagement. I take ideas-- find fertile ground and get to the work of changing the world.


You want to travel the world and empower people to change their circumstances. You believe in social entrepreneurship. You want health care delivery to be cool. You want the courage and skill set of people like Paul Farmer and Ina May Gaskin.


Turning Point Policy represents the new wave of health policy change agents. I provide you the tools you need to get the work done that you know needs to get done. No more waiting. No more—you can do that later. No more when the economy gets better. I make the lives of change agents and innovators in health easier. I educate them. I provide them technical assistance. I connect them to like-minded innovators to accelerate change.

Charging to Action

Casseroles = Highly applied food policy Casseroles are a familiar food and easy to make. They can be made with easily sourced ingredients and can be made at a variety of health and price points. So get cooking so we can all get-to-eating!